Bikes Needed...

Bikes are needed as we are coming into the Summer season and many of our guests rely only on either walking or biking to get where they need to go for appointments, job interviews and jobs.  We are asking for your help and support to help us  provide bikes to our guests.  Along with a bike, we also provide a bike lock.  If  you have a used bike in good condition that you would be willing to donate, please call us to determine a time to drop it off.   If you would be willing to make a monetary contribution toward purchasing bike locks, please mail  your contribution to us with  indication in the memo portion for                 “BIKES”.


Backpacks Needed...

As Fall time approaches backpacks are very much needed and necessary.  This becomes the time of the year that people become transient again...moving from place to place.

With back-to-school items, this is a great time to take advantage of the Buy one-get one for your  child, and one for a person in a homeless situation.

We also take gently used backpacks.

Give us a call at (319)234-1311 if you can help with the BackPack Project.