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Who we are.....

Thank you to our volunteers who give time, talent and treasure to Hospitality House.

Volunteer Appreciation week of April 15-22 is a time to honor and thank them.

Hospitality House .... direction of HOPE

Couch of HOPE


A few years ago we were needing to replace the couch in the living room at  Hospitality House. A friend offered a couch that he was not using...

The friend was Gary Kroeger, former SNL actor.  Gary had purchased this couch many years ago.  He told the story of being down on his luck...going to the ATM to withdraw some money, and not being able to get any money because  his balance was so low.

He went home, sat down on the couch and was in very hungry.  He had no idea where he was going to get anything to eat...As he sat on the couch, he put his hands down into the couch on both sides of the cushion.  He found a candy bar...yes, a candy bar that had slipped down there at some time...but was in perfect became both food for his body and soul that night.  When things seem to be dark and closing in, there is still HOPE...hope for him that night was in the form of a candy bar.

We named this our COUCH OF HOPE...and have a picture of it to remind us HOPE is always there.